Customer FAQs

You are about to be redirected to the Customer Portal, where you can setup monthly payments for your American Credit Acceptance loan. If you have had an enrollment login in the past you will need to create a new login for the portal. Once in the portal your credentials will automatically be recognized by the 'Automatic Payments' link in the 'Payment' section.

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Billing Questions

  • How are my payments applied?

  • What are my payment options?

  • Where do I mail my payment?

  • Do you accept payments by phone?

  • Can I have my payment automatically deducted from my checking or savings account?

  • Will my payment be applied to my ACA account on the day funds are withdrawn from my deposit account or charged to my credit card?

  • If my payment does not clear the first time it is submitted, will the transaction be submitted again?

  • Why am I getting calls regarding a past due amount, when I have recently made a payment?

  • What should I do if I believe my card or account number was used fraudulently for a payment?

  • How can I request my payment history?

  • Is it possible to refinance my contract?

  • Is there a grace period for late payments

  • When do late fees go into effect?

  • What happens if I skip a payment?

  • Can I change my payment due date?

Online Payment Questions

  • What information will I need to set up an online payment?

  • How will I know my online payment was received?

  • When are my online payments posted to my account?

  • When will my online payment be withdrawn from my credit card/checking/savings account?

  • The ACA online payment site system is not recognizing my account number, date of birth and/or Social Security number. What should I do?

  • What should I do if I make a data entry error, pay an incorrect amount, or use the wrong type of payment method?

Other Questions

  • How do I receive help if I believe I qualify for assistance through the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act (SCRA)?

  • Where do I mail payoff checks?

  • How do I handle an insurance claim due to physical damage?

  • Where do I send insurance information?